Our community programs address critical issues affecting low income communities and the homeless.

Whether you are directly affected by poverty or an advocate for underprivelaged communities, our empowerment programs will provide a life changing and enriching experience for everyone with the courage to get involved.

At Poverty Matters we believe that a combination of working directly in the community, meeting with legislators to advocate on behalf of anti-poverty policies, and using that experience to educate others form the most effective strategy for positive social change.

Our three tiered program allows you to participate in the full range of advocacy activiites, including: 

Person-to-Person Community Connections

- Legislative Advocacy  

- Educating Your Community

We encourage all of our members to take advantage of opportunities in all three areas to develop the skills necessary to help lift everyone above the poverty line.


Join with other Poverty Matters members to provide one-on-one services to the homeless and others in need in your community. 

Take a few hours out of your week to help feed the hungry.   Engage with seniors, the dislabled and others in your community to help understand their needs.

We are confident that your experience in the community will be enriching, informative and life changing.

Our programs run daily Monday through Saturday. 

For more information on how to get connected, contact


- Visit Elected Officials

Join with delegations of seniors, the disabled, low income constituents and their advocates.  Meet with elected local, state and federal officials and neighborhood councils to advocate on behalf of anti-poverty programs, policies and budgets that help empower our communities.

To join a legislative delegation, send your contact information, including your address to

- Testify at Hearings

You can make a difference by testifying at federal, state and local hearings. Help fight against cuts to programs that affect the elderly, the disabled, students and the poor. Promote programs that will help empower underprivelidged communities.

If you are interested in testifying in upcoming hearings, please check our calendar and then contact us at 


Use your experience in the community to encourage others to get involved.

At Poverty Matters, we give you the tools necessary to educate others about poverty in your community and what they can do to help. 

Speaker's Bureau

Give a presentation about poverty issues to local clubs and organizations in your area. 

We provide training programs and multimedia presentations that will help get you started. 

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Start a Poverty Matters Chapter in Your Community

For information on how you can make a positive impact in your community please contact us at